Gothenburg Horse Show 2019


​Gothenburg Horse Show and Chalmers collaborated for the fourth year running to increase knowledge about how horses cross a barrier. This year, the smart fence measured the horse's speed – something that has never been done before.

The group of Chalmers students use state-of-the-art radar equipment, originally developed for self-driving vehicles which now came in handy to measure the horse's speed towards, over and after the fence.

Just like in previous years, the audience were able to see the results on the jumbotron in the arena. But a novelty this year was that the riders were invited to the Chalmers exhibition stand, located right outside the arena. There they were given the opportunity to go through their horse's unique results together with an expert from the fence team.

The information from this year's fence measurements is combined with the results from previous years. And the goal is that the analyzes of the horses’ movement patterns will result in a more sustainable training, competition and breeding environment in the horse industry.

Read the press release about the Chalmers fence 2019 (and watch the film with subtitles).​

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Jan 2020.