The Chalmers fence at the Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium 2017

Photo: Per Thorén

Gothenburg Horse Show 2017

For the second year running, Chalmers University of Technology presented a “smart fence” at the Gothenburg Horse Show. This year, we used sensors to register the distance to the horse’s take-off spot. Our ambition is that the results of our measurements can be used to breed horses less prone to injury. The aim of the project was suggested by Swedish Warmblood (SWB), an organisation that aims to support and develop breeding, raising and education of horses in Sweden.
The collaboration between Chalmers and Gothenburg Horse Show was initiated in 2016 and became a huge success. In 2016, the unique fence was equipped with sensors that registered how high over the fence the horse jumped. The results were instantly presented to the audience in Scandinavium using the jumbotron.
The collaboration with Gothenburg Horse show is part of the investment at Chalmers to use our competence in several research disciplines to contribute to the development of equestrian sports, and is carried out by ten students from eight different educational programmes.
We see a huge development potential, and aim to add new functionality to the fence in coming years. There are many more parameters of interest that could be measured in future projects to make further contributions to the well-being and safety of horse and rider. Come and talk to us in our booth B06:12.

Film about the construction of the 2017 Chalmers fence (in Swedish):

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The Chalmers fence in Scandinavium 170223

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Photo: Per Thorén

Chalmers students perform testing

Foto: Jonatan Bergek

Chalmers students Tilda Sikström, Vera Strandvik och Elin Davidsson set up the sensor

Foto: Jonatan Bergek

The Chalmers fence in Scandinavium 2016

Foto: Jonas Stenström

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