Sports in Space

​Plans for sending people to Mars in a not too distant future are taking shape, and the European Space Agency, ESA, is discussing the construction of a permanently manned lunar base in 2030. Perhaps mankind will one day colonise our planetary system. The idea of performing sports in completely new conditions in Space is thus not far-fetched. Visions of sports in Space can inspire those interested in sports to learn more about physics and the technology behind various sports, and about our solar system.

Read more in an article (in Swedish) written by Petra Andersson and Maria Sundin about “Equestrian sports on the planet Mars” and the article "We will be sailing in methane on Titan" by Christian Finnsgård, Lars Larsson and Maria Sundin (in Swedish)​​ in the science magazine Forskning och Framsteg.

Page manager Published: Fri 04 Oct 2019.