Lightweight composite material


The need for light, strong and/or energy absorbing materials with application-tailored stiffness is key in most sports and movement-enabling products (such as in sports equipment, protective wear, apparel, prosthetics, orthoses and sports infrastructure). In common for these applications is that, most often, the design challenge lies in the optimization of the material system to obtain the desired mechanical response at minimum weight. This, since weight is directly related to performance, with performance in its widest meaning embracing speed, acceleration, handling, support, protection, comfort etc. Relevant materials in this context contains structural composites, smart textiles and polymer foams.
Our research aims to develop new material solutions, but also to improve the understanding as well as the properties of existing materials – and translate the results from the sports sector to e.g. aircraft or car industries.

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Page manager Published: Fri 04 Oct 2019.