On this page we have listed projects which are finished. In some cases there are links to the scientific reports/papers the project might have resulted in, and in some cases there are also links to web pages with further reading and multimedia material.


New materials in pole vault pole - Combinations of carbon fibre and glass fibre 

Biomechanical analysis of Running technique

Development of the stride

Diagnosis of muscle strain using microwave technique – Helping the Athletic National Team by using new technique

Diagnosis of muscle strain using microwave technique – a study of the microwave technique´s potential for detection and classifying of hamstring muscle hemorrhage



Equestrian sports

A non-invasive method for the detection of damage and changes in equine hoof walls

Production of parts of hooves using adaptive technique

Measuring ECG, heart rate and breathing with smart textiles

Smart textiles

Smart textiles (wireless)

A prestudy of the possibilities to use finite element analysis to understand horse related accidents

Where on the chest is the highest risk of injury when being trampled by a horse

Using human body models to investigate the most dangerous type of fall within horse riding; A rotational fall when the rider is squashed beneath the horse

Using human body models to investigate the influence of a security vest on the thorax injury risk if kicked by a horse

Analysis of equine locomotion

Modelling steering of horses

Producing biogas from horse manure

Fitting a saddle to the back of the horse


The quality of the mane

Stud Plate – a multi-tool used to ease the effort of changing the studs on the horses’ shoe

Bandaging with the right pressure

Design of bits

Hoof shoe

Pressure sensors

Band aids for horses

Smart reins

Air quality in stables

Faster recovery from hoof damage


Development of new technology for floorball sticks

Development of a novel floor ball

Development of a novel floorball board

Analysis of movement patterns of female floorball players

Knee injury project – Isometric Strength Ratio (including several sports, mainly floorball and swimming)

Football (Soccer)

Size-adaptive football goal​


Composite Design for a Foiling Optimist Dinghy

FE-Modelling of Composite laminates for Sailboat Masts​


Design of ski pole with increased resistance  to impact (report in Swedish, English abstract included)

Improved ski pole design by thin-ply composite reinforcement

Increased impact resistance of cross-country ski poles by improved, simulation assisted composite design

Ski development with Faction Skis: Product development and FE modelling of properties of alpine skis​

Identifying cross country skiing techniques using power meters in ski poles​

Swimming sports

Knee injury project – Isometric Strength Ratio (including several sports, mainly floorball and swimming)​​

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