Rowing boat tests in the towing tank at SSPA
Rowing boat tests in the towing tank at SSPA.

Photo: Per Thorén

Rowing tests in the towing tank

In collaboration with SSPA Sweden and Mölndals Roddklubb, Sweden's leading rowing club, Chalmers Sports and Technology today performed the very first experiments with a rowing boat in the towing tank at Chalmers’ campus.

This is the first time combined tests on both the rowing boat and the rower. Today, dragging tests, where the boat is dragged in the tank with different weights and different speeds, were perfomed. Another purpose with the experiments is to measure the movement of the boat in various phases of the rowing stroke, and to connect the movements of the boat and the rower.

Hydrodynamics is one of the five areas of competence that Chalmers applies to sports. So far, focus has been on sailing, but the aim is to apply our expertise to a range of water sports.

Page manager Published: Wed 23 Mar 2016.