Cissi Velin managed to beat her own world record for 500 m women

Cissi Velin managed to beat her own world record for 500 m women.

Photo: Per Thorén

Indoor rowing world record at Chalmers

World records are not common at Chalmers, but today we saw one - and possibly the beginning of a successful research collaboration!

Today, Cissi Velin beat the world record for 500 m indoor rowing in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Chalmers. The head of the Swedish Olympic Committee, Stefan Lindeberg, was a mong the spectators. The new record, 1.26.1, is 0.5 seconds faster than the previous record, also held by Cissi.

Cissi, formerly a successful competitive canoeist, was discovered by coach David McGowen, and is now fully committed to rowing. She has beaten three world records in three days - and is now aiming for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

Cissi trains with Mölndals Roddklubb, Sweden's leading rowing club. Representatives from the club spent the day at Chalmers, performing the very first experiments with a rowing boat in a towing tank, in collaboration with Chalmers Sports and Technology and SSPA, at SSPA's facilities at Chalmers' campus. Through these experiments, we hope to gain new knowledge that can lead to success for Swedish rowing!

Watch Cissi beat the world record (YouTube)!

Page manager Published: Wed 23 Mar 2016.