Combining Engineering Studies with Sports

​Chalmers offers plenty of opportunities for students to apply their technical knowledge to the exciting world of sports. As a student, you can work with equipment design, laboratory experiments, computational modelling and field testing together with athletes, coaches, enterprises and governing bodies. Every year, there are possibilities to sign up for sports-related Bachelor´s and Master´s thesis projects. This is an opportunity for you to apply the content of your engineering education to practical problems that affect many people outside the university world – and perhaps even a chance to develop the sport that you practice yourself! 

Bachelor's and Master's thesis projects

Bachelor projects are announced annually at the various departments that host the projects, but information will also be presented on this website. Some thesis projects will be announced here​, but if you are a student interested in any of our areas of competence, you can contact one of our researchers directly. Perhaps new ideas emerge from such a conversation? You can also contact


We give a Master´s course in Sports Technology, which is available to all Master´s programs at Chalmers. There are also two courses available within Tracks, Chalmers' new educational initiative, offering interdisciplinary and individualised studies.​ The courses are:

National Sports University

Together with University of Gothenburg, Chalmers form a National Sports University. In addition to providing sports-related research and education, the universities also offer students who are elite athletes support to combine their elite investment with higher education. 

Riksidrottsuniversitet (in Swedish)

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