Tracks course: The continuation of the Chalmers Fence

 A new Track course on the theme the continuation of the Chalmers fence starts in study period 4 2020. The project is carried out in collaboration with Tomas Torgersen leader of the Gothenburg Horse Show as well as with SLU and the riding school at Strömsholm.


The Swedish Horse Industry Foundation (HNS) funds an initiative where Chalmers together with SLU and the national equestrian facilities develops a connected riding stable at Strömsholm. The riding stable currently has an existing indoor positioning system and plans are to add cameras as well as sensors for biomechanical analysis of horses and riders. Following the wishes of the national team leaders regarding measurement similar to the one that students have previously worked with and demonstrated with the Chalmers fence at GHS (leap curve, time in the air, pressure at the launch, etc.), Chalmers students are now given an opportunity to participate in the development through a Tracks course.

The course uses the experience from the recent years Chalmers fence, which since 2016 has been part of the event of the World Cup competitions in horse jumping in Scandinavium. It is possible through Chalmers' new training initiative Tracks and the project "Chalmershindrets fortsättning". The idea is to develop new exciting functionality inspired by the measurement technology from the Chalmers fence and install it at the national facility at Ridskolan Strömsholm. 

Who can take the course?

We are looking for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge in, for example, programming, electronics, product development, statistical analysis of measurement data, web, visualization, developing communicative strategies and methods to achieve results to a non-technically assigned user group or other interested people. It matters less what background or training at Chalmers you have to be an important contributor in the project! You don't have to have a horse or even horse experience.

The Tracks project "Chalmershindrets fortsättning" is given as a course of 7.5 hp where you have the opportunity to continue working with the techniques for the welfare and performance of horses. The project links to Objective 3, "Health and Well-Being", within Agenda 2030 – the UN's 17 global sustainable development goals.

It is also possible for Chalmers alumni to register for the course (see below).

About Tracks

Tracks is something completely new, the aim is for students to work cross-disciplinary in courses that do not belong to any program or institution. These are challenge-driven courses or projects, where students from different programs work together to understand and solve complex societal challenges and deep research-driven challenges, as well as to develop, build, test and realize new processes, products and systems. All to get cross-border and attractive skills. The form of education provides the opportunity for a more individualized study period, where students create their own educational profiles and choose one or more Tracks courses based on their interests. They identify themselves what prior knowledge they lack and have the opportunity to obtain them.

Further reading

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More information about the Chalmers Fence and the collaboration with Gothenburg Horse Show

The course will be within the Tracks theme "Health and sport technology":  Syllabus

Registration and course information

Registration is made by sending an email to Magnus Karlsteen by 14 March 2020,

Interested alumni from Chalmers can participate in the course, but must in addition to the email above apply during the period 27/1-1/3 for study period 4 to “Fristående kurs för alumner​”:

The course begins in quarter 4. Part of the project may be carried out during the summer. The work is done in project form and corresponds to 7.5hp. Teaching languages for the course is English.​


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