Special issues

Accommodating urban freight in city planning
Authors: Ivan Sanchez-Diaz & Michael Browne
Authors: Michael Browne, Sönke Behrends, Johan Woxenius, Genevieve Giuliano, José Holguin-Veras
  • “The growing importance of freight for city planning and design” will be published in the journal Cities from Elsevier
  • “Designing urban space and managing flows – the importance of freight for livable cities” will be published in the journal World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research from Inderscience publishers


Research briefs

Authors: Maria Lindholm and Michael Browne

Partnerships can contribute significantly to solving urban freight problems; they provide a good opportunity to consider the various perspectives of stakeholders and thereby identify possible solutions. This policy brief presents a framework for organising and managing urban freight partnerships.

Freight Trip Generation Modeling
Authors: Iván Sánchez-Díaz, José Holguín-Veras and Miguel Jaller

This research highlights the importance of quantifying freight trips as a step toward enhancing understanding of urban freight systems. The authors provide an overview of the different uses of Freight Trip Generation models and a glimpse into the state-of-the-art in freight-transport modelling.

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