Break out sessions - day 1

Mats Abrahamsson and Maria Björklund, Linköping University

City logistics TripleX - Towards efficient and zero emission Citylogistics
Birgit Hendriks, Eco2city

Meeting the future - Big data in freight transport
Per Olof Arnäs, Chalmers University of Technology

Urban Freight and Urban Form
Anna Kaczorowska, Chalmers University of Technology

Cities as living labs
Lóri Tavasszy, Delft University of Technology / TNO

Role of Freight Behavior Research on Living Labs
José Holguín-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Solutions in City Logistics
Joeri Jongeneel, City of Rotterdam

Identification of Dominant Stakeholder Perspective in City Logistics
Marijn Slabbekoorn, DHL / Delft University of Technology

Page manager Published: Wed 25 Mar 2015.