Study visits

Take the chance to learn more about Gothenburg while in town. We now offer two study visits within the theme of the conference. The study visits are 1-2 hours and starts at 4 PM on the 4th of March.
The registration for the study visits is closed.

Study visit - Sustainable transport of goods in cities

The traffic situation in central Gothenburg has from time to time been described as ”messy”. Lorries, pedestrians, and cyclists are mixed together in relatively limited spaces, where the noise level sometimes is high, and where passers-by may experience a feeling of insecurity. The city of Gothenburg has now, in cooperation with property owners and cooperative companies, developed City deliveries with the aim of improving availability.

This study visit offers:

  • A customized program, based on your requests
  • A crammed guided tour including four unique visit objects, all with a touch of Gothenburg
  • A guided tour in a city center with low noise levels and low air pollution
  • The chance to study innovative environmental vehicles
  • Direct contact with Swedish companies in this industry
  • Professional guides

After this study visit you will have:

  • An increased insight into the success factors behind a pleasant city environment
  • An increased understanding of how the traffic situation is important for the climate in the city
  • An increased understanding of how noise, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution from transports can be minimized
  • An inspiration to create functioning and environmentally friendly deliveries of goods


Practical information: This study visit starts at Lindholmen at 4 PM. Wear warm and comfortable clothes, the tour will be outdoors.



Study visit – Sustainable City Planning

This study visit gives an overall picture of how the City of Gothenburg works with sustainable planning when it comes to the architecture, traffic and energy savings. Visit Älvrummet, a house with an exhibition, dedicated to the development of the areas around the Gota River. The content reflects the long-term efforts to create the River City, which is part of the vision for the city of Gothenburg.

This study visit offers:

  • Sustainable planning in Gothenburg:
     - How does the city work for creating a sustainable city?
     - An introduction to sustainable urban development and the challenges the city faces

  • Key strategic documents that works as a guide for planning and urban development:
    - Strategy for development planning
    - Traffic strategy for creating a dense urban city
    - Climate Program for Gothenburg
    - The River City Vision

  • Examples of things that are done:
    - Smart City projects: Celsius - district heating and cooling in new area of usage, Step Up - energy and innovation in urban planning
    - Kvillebäcken - A sustainable district with 2,000 apartments and 24000m2 area for businesses and a multiple award winning indoor market
    - Climate adaptation - actions to cope with climate change in the short and long term, for example, a hydro model

  • Workshop on any theme, such as:
    - How do the city of Gothenburg build for a sustainable city?
    - Innovation projects
    - Social Impact Assessment (SKA)

After this study visit we hope you will have:

  • An increased understanding of planning a sustainable city
  • An increased insight into the strategic documents for the City of Gothenburg
  • An inspiration to create sustainable practical solutions in your city


Practical information: For this study visit we meet at Älvrummet, by the Gothenburg Opera house. The tour starts at 4 PM and will be indoors. 

Page manager Published: Fri 13 Mar 2015.