Abstract and Paper guidelines

The 3rd VREF Conference on Urban Freight will present current issues influencing urban freight research and discuss the complexity of designing urban space and managing flows for liveable cities.

Download the call for papers: VREF Conference 2018 Call for papers.pdfVREF Conference 2018 Call for papers.pdf

Download the abstract template: VREF18 Abstract template.docxVREF18 Abstract template.docx


Research papers discussing current issues influencing urban freight will be presented on the 17th of October. We invite scholars to submit abstracts on diverse topics related to urban freight, including (but not limited to):

  • Sustainable urban logistics
  • Local/last mile pickup and delivery
  • Freight modes (trucking, rail, water, air) and intermodality
  • Integrating freight in the design of urban space
  • Modelling flows in transport, traffic and, urban planning and design
  • Spatial organization of freight activities
  • Urban form, transport accessibility and barrier effects
  • Transport depots and logistics facilities as new challenge in urban planning
  • Urban freight policy & planning
  • The importance of real estate owners in managing freight flows
  • Stakeholders engagement, collaboration and coordination
  • Managing urban freight flows
  • Managing urban freight demand
  • Implications of logistics innovations for urban freight
  • Implications of digitalisation and new vehicles technology (e.g. automated and electric vehicles) for urban freight
  • Implications of changing consumption, production and spatial organization (including developments in purchasing, retailing and manufacturing) for urban freight
  • Construction logistics
  • Methods in urban logistics/SCM research

Presentation formats
Papers will be presented in three different formats: lectern presentations (presentation + some time for questions), discussion papers (short presentation + longer discussion) and poster presentations. To ensure a wide participation and foster diversity of participants only one paper per presenter will be accepted (those attending can still co-author multiple papers). All submitted abstracts will go through a review process.

Special Issue
If sufficient interest is shown, the UFP will coordinate a special issue with selected papers from the conference. Potential journals for the special issue include the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research (WRITR). Please mention in the submission if you are interested in submitting a full paper for consideration in the special issue.


  • 15 April:  Abstract submission
  • 1 May: Notification of acceptance
  • 17 October: Presentation at conference
  • End of 2018: Submission of full paper for publication in special issue

Abstracts Format
Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words, excluding references. The abstract must include the following sections:

  • Purpose: State the purpose of your research
  • Research Approach: Describe the research approach (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, exploratory) and method adopted
  • Findings and Originality: Describe the key findings of your research (findings can be preliminary)
  • Research Impact: Describe the impact of your research
  • Practical Impact: Discuss the policy/managerial implications of your research

Submit the abstract as an attached file to info@urbanfreightplatform.se and indicate in your email:
1.    Your preferred type of presentation: Lectern presentation; discussion paper, or poster presentation.  The organizers will try to accommodate the request when possible.
2.    Presenter (this can be changed later on)
3.    If you are interested in submitting a full paper for publication in a special issue.

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