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Here you will find some examples of finished projects. See the project cavalcade above for more.

BLIP-HOPE- Construction logistics on Water: Barriers and potential
The project will consider using waterways to transport construction material and waste with a focus on two topics: (1) knowledge of barriers towards increased usage (2) an agenda for future research.
Contact: Michael Browne

Identify future challenges of recycling processes and supply chain systems, triggered by the development of electric and autonomous vehicles.
Contact: Mats Johansson

DenCity III​
DenCity develops innovative solutions for sustainable passenger and freight mobility in dense neighborhoods, with high standards of attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability. DenCity stands for radically new thinking and innovative processes for sustainable densification. 

Funded by: 50 % of the project is co-financed by the Swedish innovation agency, VINNOVA within the UDI-program and the remainder by the participating parties.
Contact: Dan Andersson

DREAMIT - Digital Real-time Access Managament in Intermodal Transportation​
The purpose of the project is to improve resource efficiency in intermodal transportation systems and to improve access management by using digital information exchange and improved interaction between actors in the transportation modes sea, road and rail. ​There are large gaps in how access is managed today, in ports and rail terminals where only a small number of individual processes are in focus.

Funded by: VINNOVA
Contact: Per-Olof Arnäs​

DRY PORT NETWORKS IN SWEDEN - Outcome Driven Supply Chain Perspective
To investigate supply chain benefits (in a form of cost, responsiveness, security, environmental performance, resilience, and innovation) by integration of a dry port in the system.
Contact: Violeta Roso

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