The following dissertations has been presented 2012-2016 by researchers within the Northern LEAD network

Kristina Liljestrand
Reducing the environmental impact of food products logistics systems

Vendela Santén
Towards environmentally sustainable freight transport - Shipper´s logistics actions to improve load factor performance

Sara Rogerson
Environmental concerns when purchasing freight transport

Martin Svanberg
Improving physical flows in biomass-to-energy supply chains by means of pre-treatment technology and coordination

Nojan Najafi
Economizing on supply network development

Carl Sjöberger

Affärsstrategisk analys av tanksjöfartsföretag

Viktoria Sundquist
The Role of Intermeditation in Business Networks

Ingrid Hessel
Organising Purchasing and Supply Management Across Company Boundaries

Christian Finnsgård
Materials exposure: The interface between materials supply and assembly

Niklas Arvidsson
Essays on operational freight transport efficency and sustainability

Vahid Mirzabeiki
Collaborative Tracking and Tracing - A Supply Chain Perspective

Karin Thörnblad
Mathematical Optimization in Flexible Job Shop Scheduling - Modelling, Analysis and Case Studies

Sönke Behrends
Urban freight transport sustainability - the interaction of urban freight and intermodal transport

Robin Hansson
In-plant materials supply: Supporting the choice between kitting and continuous supply

Badi Almotairi

Integrated Logistics Platform - the context of the port relational exchanges and systematic integration

Linea Kjellsdotter
Use of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems to support manufacturing planning and control processes

Joakim Kalantari

Foliated Transport Networks - Evaluating feasibility and potential

Maria Lindholm
Enabling sustainable development of urban freight from a local authority perspective

Klas Hjort

On Aligning Returns Management with the Ecommerce Strategy to Increase Effectiveness


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