Sustainable logistic solutions in focus at Northern LEAD Day

​The challenge of slow steaming, the importance of high load factors and energy efficiency as foundation for sustainable logistics services. Those were some of the topics at the Northern LEAD Day 2017, which gathered almost 80 participants – all eager for discussions.
​Six researchers from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg presented their work during the day, which was focused on sustainable solutions within the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain.
One of the researchers, Dan Andersson, talked about the ongoing research conducted by The Transport Purchasing Panel.
- If we are to achieve change, we must begin where we can make a difference. How companies purchase their transport services has a major impact on the transport sector. More effective transport procurement paves the way towards sustainable transport solutions, he said.
Another speaker, Jason Monios, talked about the challenge of determining in which cases it's a good idea to create a port-centric city – and in which cases it´s not. He raised the question of whether Gothenburg is a port-centric city. Probably, he summarized in the end, at the same reflecting:
- But should it be? That´s a question for a future discussion.
There were numerous discussions during the day, and the participants asked many questions to the speakers.
Mats Johansson, vice director of Northern LEAD, closed the conference by talking about the PLAN Research and Application Conference held at Chalmers in October 2017.
- We hope to see you there, he said.
Text and photos: Ulrika Ernström

Speakers at Northern LEAD Day 2017:

Sara Rogerson, VTI
Load factor as a problem and solution for sustainable logistics
Arni Halldorsson, Chalmers
Energy efficiency as foundation for sustainable logistics services

Ann Brith Strömberg, Chalmers, GU
Mathematical optimization as a tool for solving logistics problems
Jason Monios, Edinburgh Napier University
Is Gothenburg a port-centric city?
Dan Andersson, Chalmers
The transport purchasing panel - towards sustainable transport solutions
Johan Woxenius, GU
Slow steaming
Discussion with Viktor Allgurén, Port of Gothenburg, Jörgen Olsson, PostNord, Gunilla Jönson, LTH, Kjell-Åke Hvittfeldt, Hvittfeldt Invest AB

Northern LEAD Day 

Northern LEAD Day, April 5 2017, was arranged by Northern LEAD logistics research centre – a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, in co-operation with the Logistics and Transport Society LTS.

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