Smart math modelling helps sharpen the aerospace industry in Northern LEAD project

In two new projects, researchers Michael Patriksson and Ann-Brith Strömberg will help develop aircraft maintenance and logistics and tactical resource allocation in the aerospace industry.

Smart math modelling helps sharpen aerospace industry

​In two innovative projects, Northern LEAD researchers Michael Patriksson and Ann-Brith Strömberg aim for improved maintenance and better capacity utilization in the aerospace industry.
– Few academic studies have focused on this kind of tactical planning, says Patriksson.
​The Vinnova-funded projects started in the beginning of 2018, with SAAB AB and GKN Aerospace as two of the partners. From Chalmers, Northern LEAD researchers Ann-Brith Strömberg and Michael Patriksson at the Department of Mathematical sciences will work with the projects
Below, Michael Patriksson describes the work to be done.

Effect based aircraft maintenance planning and operations support

Funding and duration: VINNOVA, 180101–201231
Partners: SAAB AB, Linköping
“The project aims to develop and demonstrate methods for the maintenance and logistics of future complete aircraft systems, integrating weapons systems, sensors, spare parts, and other ground-based resources. The mathematical modelling and analysis will concentrate on a systems-of-systems (SoS) perspective, in order to beneficially meet the high demands on fast, flexible, and cost-efficient maintenance systems”.
“This project will not only generate improved maintenance principles and practices, but will also build the foundations for a more general mathematical modelling of SoS:s, which will benefit also other projects outside of the concrete application in this project”.
What are the main goals?
“From a technical perspective we hope to develop and demonstrate new and better methods for the optimization of SoS:s. We further hope that the collaboration between SAAB and Chalmers will yield a strong interdisciplinary team that will be able to perform the necessary research in order to reach the goal of demonstrating the new, integrated system”.


Ann-Brith Strömberg and Michael Patriksson


Tactical resource allocation for efficient capacity utilization

Funding and duration: VINNOVA, 180101–221231
Partners: GKN Aerospace, Trollhättan; Jönköpings tekniska högskola
“Competition in aerospace industry being fierce – with resulting shrinking margins – implies the need to increase the flexibility in the production system, taking into account changes in the volumes and the product mixes, while keeping rigid demands on product assurance. The project will develop tactical resource allocation principles with the aim to maximize resource utilization while ensuring efficient production flows in the long term”.
“Few academic studies have focused on this kind of tactical planning, making it difficult to know what data is required, and how planning models and algorithms should be designed. There is therefore a strong need for theory development regarding the design and use of methods and models for this type of capacity planning, which is the purpose of this project”.
What are the main goals?
“We hope to achieve a significant increase of the utilization of the available resources, while keeping delivery precision”.


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