About us


NORTHERN LEAD is a logistics competence centre formed by the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology in co-operation with the Logistics and Transport Society LTS. Northern LEAD is based on five core research groups and associated professors from different disciplines. Currently the core research groups consist of 14 professors, and around 70 researchers and PhD students.

The centre works as a facilitator and disseminator of high quality logistics research. It supports logistics collaboration and development by connecting academics, companies, authorities and other organisations.

The work is based on strong research groups from different disciplines that cooperate on a common research platform enabling an intensive and  innovative collaboration between academia, industry and society.

The research centre will contribute to a positive logistics development which will give companies competitive advantages and benefit the society. The focus of this development is the establishment of sustainable, efficient and effective logistics systems.

Our vision
Northern LEAD should be an internationally recognized logistics and transport research and development node positioned at the international research frontier.

Page manager Published: Wed 14 Sep 2016.