Transport Purchasing Panel

The road towards sustainable transport

Solutions to the transport emission problems, especially CO2, have mostly focused on the development of infrastructure, vehicle technologies and alternative fuels. However, it has also been observed that technology improvements alone will not be sufficient to cope with the emission reduction challenges and that both transport providers and shippers have to change their systems and how they operate. In addition, the focus on long-term technological solutions needs to be supplemented by short-term behavioural change if the benefits of new technologies are to be realised.

How companies purchase their transport services has a major impact on the transport sector. Although the procurements overall importance for the efficiency of the transport system at large, transport procurement is in many companies not viewed or managed as a strategic issue. The Transport Procurement Panel investigates the progress of transport procurement among Swedish companies and tries to influence the development in a positive direction. The work is based on an interaction between industry and academia. Together we can create better conditions for:

  • More efficient purchasing
  • More efficient logistics
  • Reduced environmental impact of transport

The Transport Procurement Panel is based on a long-term collaboration between IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.

What does a sustainable transport purchase mean?

Efficient transport is of crucial importance for Swedish industry and for Sweden as an export nation. Through good transport purchases, we create the conditions for cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport. IVL, Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg work together to increase knowledge about how transport services are purchased by companies in Sweden. The construction of a transport database is the basis for developing methods for more efficient transport purchases.

Every two years since 2012, a major survey is conducted, in which the following areas are investigated:

  • Transport flows
  • Transport purchaser's requirements
  • Agreement
  • Choice of transport modes
  • Environmental aspects of transport
  • Cooperation with transporters
  • Future Reconnaissance

The transport folder's information folder

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