The transport purchasing database

Chalmers University of Technology, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and University of Gothenburg have created a transport purchasing database. The database is primarily based on a survey that is being sent out every second year, where the first one was conducted in 2012. The population comprised Swedish manufacturing and wholesale companies with more than 100 employees. The survey contains 34 main questions with several sub-questions, and includes various aspects on transport purchasing: requirements on transport solutions and transport providers, transport mode selection, environmental aspects, relationships with transport providers and future developments. The construction of a transport database forms the basis for the development of methods for more efficient transport purchases. 

There is great use of the database for researchers, students, governments and industries. For the academy, the database is a knowledge source for research and education. For authorities and the industry it can lead to a deeper knowledge on transport and purchase related activities, which, for example, can contribute to decision making. The collaboration between academia and industry implies that we together can work towards more environmental efficient transport. 

Page manager Published: Thu 10 Mar 2022.