Timur Shegai

​Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Division of Bionanophotonics

​Email: timurs@chalmers.se
Phone: +46 31 772 3123
Office: Fysik forskarhus, room F6111
Research focus:
Experimental investigations of optical and electrical properties of atomically thin 2D semiconductors and their interactions with plasmonic nanostructures.
Experimental methods:
Optical microscopy and spectroscopy in the visible – near infrared spectral range. Photoluminescence, Raman, time-correlated single photon counting, lifetime and cryogenic (T=4-500 K) spectroscopy and microscopy of individual plasmonic nanoantenna/2D semiconductor hybrids.
Theoretical methods:
Finite-difference time domain (FDTD) solvers of Maxwell’s equations (Lumerical).
Focus of future research:
  • Femtosecond spectroscopy, dynamics, pump-probe experiments and nonlinear optics with hybrid plasmon-exciton nanostructures
  • Quantum optical effects, e.g. single photon nonlinearity and photon blockade in nanophotonic systems at room temperature
  • Exciton physics and electro-optical effects in van der Waals heterostructures.
Highlights of previous research:
J.  Cuadra, D.G. Baranov, M Wersäll, R. Verre, TJ Antosiewicz and T. Shegai
"Observation of tunable charged exciton polaritons in hybrid monolayer WS2 – plasmonic nanoantenna system",
Nano Lett. (2018), DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04965


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