Thilo Bauch

​Associate Professor
Dept of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, MC2
Quantym Device Physics Laboratory

Phone: +46 31 772 3397
Office: MC2, room D419
Research focus:
3D Topological Insulators (TIs), Superconductor (S)-TI heterostructures, TI-graphene van der Waals heterostructures.
Experimental methods:
Magnetotransport in TI nanostructures and superconductor-TI heterostructures. Low temperature spectroscopy of bound states in S-TI-S junctions using circuit-QED readout.
Focus of future research:
  • Establish fabrication facility for topological materials at Chalmers
  • Study of Majorana physics in S-TI-S junctions using circuit-QED readout 
  • Realization of charge pumps using topological surface states of 3D TI nanowires

Highlights of previous research:
Experimental observation of unconventional superconductivity in the surface states of the Topological Insulator Bi2Te3
S. Charpentier, L. Galletti, G. Kunakova, R. Arpaia, Y. Song, R. Baghdadi, S.M. Wang, A. Kalaboukov, E. Olsson, F. Tafuri, D. Golubev, J. Linder, T. Bauch, and F. Lombardi
"Induced unconventional superconductivity on the surface states",
Nature Commun. 8, 2019 (2017)

The figure shows current voltage characteristics (IVCs) of a S-TI-S Josephson junction measured at various magnetic fields. The IVCs are shifted by a voltage proportional to the applied magnetic field. The green line represents the resulting critical current. The minimum at zero magnetic field is the consequence of the occurrence of 0- and π-facets in the junction. This clearly demonstrates the unconventional nature of the order parameter induced in the surface state of the TI, which is compatible with a topological superconducting state.

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