Siegfried Eigler

​Professor at FU Berlin
Carbon Nanomaterials, Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Email: siegfried.eigler​,
Phone: +49 30 839 30 838 61851
Office: Taukstrasse 3, room 24.11, Berlin
Research focus:
Chemistry on 2D materials, in particular the wet-chemical synthesis of derivatives of graphene. Synthesis of molecules with strong interaction to 2D materials to alter electronic and optical properties of the hybrid systems.
Synthetic skills in organic synthesis. Supramolecular chemistry with focus on hydrogen bonding directed interaction of molecules. Top-down approach for the synthesis of graphene and derivatives.
Focus of future research:
Exploiting defects in graphene as structural motifs
Synthesis of molecules with directed interaction to 2D materails
Assembly and characterization of van der Waals heterostructures
Catalytic applications of metal particle functionalized graphene derivatives
Highlights of previous research:
Visualization of wet-chemically prepared graphene
S. Seiler, C. E. Halbig, F. Grote, P. Rietsch, F. Börrnert, U. Kaiser, B. Meyer,* and S. Eigler*,
" Effect of friction on oxidative graphite intercalation and high-quality graphene formation",
Nature Commun. 9, 836 (2018)
Friction of sulfuric acid, confined in graphene layers of graphite determined
the ability to make wet-chemically prepared graphene
Elucidation of the reaction mechanism of wet-chemically
prepared graphene
F. Grote, C. Gruber, F. Börrnert, U. Kaiser, S. Eigler*
"Thermal disproportionation of oxo-functionalized graphene"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56, 9222 (2017)
Micrograph of thermally processed oxo-functionalized 
graphene. Introduction of vacancy defects

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