Roland Kádár

​Senior Lecturer
Department of Industrial and Materials Science
Division of Engineering Materials
Phone: +46 31 772 1256
Office: M​ building, Rännvägen 2A,
room 2526A
Research focus:
processing and rheology of polymer nanocomposites with a focus on the flowfield - matrix - filler complex interaction for inducing or enhancing functional properties in polymers
Experimental methods:
rotational (shear and extensional) and capillary rheometry (shear andextensional); advanced rheological characterization (FT rheology and LAOS); SEM, DMTA (torsion, extension,), mechanical testing. polymer processing extrusion (fiber, film casting and film blowing; inline rheometry), injection moulding and compression molding
Theoretical methods:

continuum mechanics comprising constitutive modeling and finite element and volume analysis of Newtonian and non-Newtonian

Focus of future research:
  • Material developments: explore novel types of graphene additives in terms offunctionalization and structure; expansion into novel types of 2D materials; further explore hybrid filler systems; polymer blends (bi-phasing, tri-phasic) for selective filler localization
  • Nanocomposite processing: optimization of processing equipment for tailoring material microstructure to the desired functional properties; the development of combined field flows, e.g. fluid and magnetic or electric, to access novel distribution and filler orientation states
  • Rheological developments: further developments on advanced rheological characterization techniques in simple flows with applications to processing (nonlinear flows); development of combined characterization methods (e.g. rheo-dielectric)
  • Numerical modeling: develop a numerical framework for the optimization of processing equipment and flows; the use of constitutive relations that take into account the molecular polymer architecture and it’s dynamics in simple shear or extensional flows).

Highlights of previous research on graphene nanocomposites: 
R. Kádár, M. Abbasi, R. Figuli, M. Rigdahl & M. Wilhelm,
"Linear and Nonlinear Rheology Combined with Dielectric Spectroscopy of Hybrid Polymer
Nanocomposites for Semiconductive Applications"
Nanomaterials 7, 2 (2017)

K. Gaska, R. Kádár, A. Rybak, A. Siwek & S. Gubanski
"Gas Barrier, Thermal, Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Highly Aligned Graphene-LDPE
Polymers 9, 294 (2017)

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