Rickard Arvidsson

​Associate Professor
Dept. Technology Management and Economics
Division of Environmental Systems Analysis​

​Email: rickard.arvidsson@chalmers.se
Phone: +46 31 772 2161
Office: Vasa building room 2310
Research focus: 
The main study objects are various nanomaterials, including graphene and nanocellulose.

Theoretical methods: 
Environmental and sustainability assessment methods, mainly life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental risk assessment (ERA) and material flow analysis (MFA). 

Focus of future research:
  • Development of more suitable environmental assessment methods for novel materials such as graphene, including prospective life cycle assessment. 
  • Life cycle assessment of synthetic diamond. 
  • Life cycle assessment of novel battery designs including novel carbon-based materials. 

Highlights of previous research:
Environmental assessment of bulk graphene production. 

R. Arvidsson, D. Kushnir, B.A. Sandén & S. Molander 
"Prospective life cycle assessment of graphene production by ultrasonication and chemical reduction", 

Environmental assessment of graphene produced by chemical vapor deposition, potentially replacing indium tin oxide. 
R. Arvidsson, D. Kushnir, S. Molander & B.A. Sandén 
"Energy and resource use assessment of graphene as a substitute for indium tin oxide in transparent electrodes"

picture: Life cycle energy use, water use, human toxicity and ecotoxicity results for bulk graphene production.

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