Philippe Tassin

​Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Division of Condensed Matter Theory
Phone: +46 31 772 2292
Office: Origo Hall 7.115
Research focus (graphene-related):
Graphene in structured electromagnetic materials, tunable graphene metamaterials, graphene plasmonics, nonlinear optics of graphene.Theoretical methods: Finite-element method (FEM), finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD), and effective-circuit models for the quantitative modeling of nanophotonic structures; linear response theory for the conductivity of graphene; semiconductor Bloch equations for the nonlinear response of graphene.
Focus of future research (graphene-related):
•    Nonlocal response of graphene and its impact on dissipative loss of graphene plasmons;
•    Graphene-based refractive index sensors;
•    Tunable and time-dependent terahertz metamaterials;
•    Surface plasmons on non-equilibrium graphene.
Highlights of previous research (graphene-related):
Graphene-based refractive index sensors that are very sensitive to small amounts of an analyte close to the surface:
T. Wenger, G. Viola, J. Kinaret, M. Fogelström, & P. Tassin,
“High-sensitivity plasmonic refractive index sensing using graphene” 

Prediction of nonlocal response of graphene in surface plasmon resonances:
T. Wenger, G. Viola, M. Fogelström, P. Tassin, & J Kinaret,
“Optical signatures of nonlocal plasmons in graphene”

Tunable terahertz frequency combs with electrically modulated graphene:
V. Ginis, P. Tassin, T. Koschny, & C. M. Soukoulis,
“Tunable terahertz frequency comb generation using time-dependent graphene sheets”
Design of tunable terahertz frequency combs with electrically modulated graphene:
P. Tassin, T. Koschny, & C. M. Soukoulis
“Graphene for Terahertz Applications”

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