Per Rudquist

​Associate Professor
Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience
Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory
Phone: +46 31 772 3389
Office: MC2 building, room B511
Research focus:
Chiral induction and chiral detection using thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline soft matter. Polarity and chirality, including ferroelectric and antiferroelectric smectic liquid crystals. Photophysical and eletrooptic effects. Ferroelectric liquid crystals on graphene. Liquid crystals from nano DNA.
Experimental methods:
Polarized optical microscopy, UV-photopolymerization, liquid crystals electrooptics equipment, dielectric spectroscopy, clean-room fabrication of liquid crystal devices, UVvis spectroscopy, light scattering and X-ray diffraction facilities at research partners.
Focus of future research:
  • Studies of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals acting as switchable, polar overlayers on graphene.
  • Graphene as combined transparent electrode and planar ordering surface layer.
  • Chiral induction and detection
  • nano DNA on graphene
Highlights of previous research:

Rudquist, C. Dietrich, A. Mark, F. Giesselmann
"Chirality detection using nematic liquid crystal droplets on anisotropic surfaces"
Langmuir, 2016, 32, 6140-6147

C. Dietrich, P.Rudquist, K. Lorenz, F. Giesselmann
"Chiral structures from achiral micellar lyotropic liquid crystals under capillary confinement"
Langmuir, 2017, 33 5852-5862

K.Börjesson, P.Rudquist, V. Gray, K. Moth-Poulsen
"Photon upconversion with directed emission"
Nature Communications. 7:12689 (2016)


Picture. Work on graphene: Polymer dispersed liquid crystal with graphene electrodes. Bachelor thesis project 2014, O Steinerg, H Tepe, B QW

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