Luping Tang

​Full professor of building materials
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Division of Building Technology
Phone: +46 31 772 2305
Office: SB building, room 475
Research focus:
Nano-tailored cementitious materials such as graphene-modified cementitious binder and bitumen binder; durability of concrete, especially chloride transport mechanisms and chloride induced corrosion of steel in concrete
Theoretical methods:
Mass transport functions, thermodynamic functions and electrochemical principles and their applications to inhomogeneous porous building materials.
Focus of future research:
  • Multi-scale modification of cementitious materials by novel 2D nanomaterials for structural optimization and property control
  • Anti-ageing bitumen using graphene as oxygen barriers for improving the service life of asphalt road pavements
  • Durable sensors with graphene-modified composites for monitoring the health of concrete structures

Highlights of previous research:
Application of functionalized graphene oxides in cementitious materials

Cui H., Yan X., Tang L. and Xing F., “Possible pitfall in sample preparation for SEM analysis - A discussion of the paper ‘Fabrication of polycarboxylate/graphene oxide nanosheet composites by copolymerization for reinforcing and toughening cement composites’ by Lv et al.”, Cement & Concrete Composites, 77 (2017) 81-85
Liu, J., Wang N., Wang, S., Tang, L. Ye, L., “Functionalized graphene oxide reinforced cement for improved mechanical strength”, submitted for publication in Carbon (2018)

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