Dinko Chakarov

​Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Division of Chemical Physics
​Email: dinko.chakarov@chalmers.se
Phone: +46 31 772 3375
Office: Physics research building F5127
Research focus:
Surface science, in particular evaluation of the mechanisms of optical excitations in nanoparticles and the related physical and chemical processes at their interfaces.
Physics and chemistry of water and carbon materials are of special interest.
Experimental methods:
UHV-based spectroscopies (HREELS, Mass, AES, XPS, Raman …), physical/chemical transformations/reactions (thermal, photo-, e-induced), intercalation, optics, nanofabrication.
Focus of present and future research:
  • Optimization of the charge transfer in photoactive nanocomposites for efficient photocatalysis and PV devices.
  • Water (ice) interaction with surfaces and water photo dissociation.
  • Instrument development.

Highlights of previous research:
Thermal and Adsorbate Induced Plasmon Energy Shifts in Graphite. (Surface Sci. 524, 1-3, L77) 

Picture: Energy of the Na, K, and Cs induced plasmon losses as a function of the square root of the alkali coverage.

Photoninduced Crystallization of Amorphous Ice Films on Graphite (Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 23, 5123)
Picture: Schematic energy diagram illustrating proposed photoninduced crystallization mechanism of water ice on graphite.

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