Christoph Langhammer

​Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Division of Chemical Physics

Phone: +46 31 772 33 31
Office: Fysik Forskarhus, room 5117

Research focus:
My group operates at the interface between nanomaterials science, nanofluidics, catalysis, nanoplasmonics and spectroscopy, with a particular focus on sustainable energy-related materials, (photo)catalysts, nano-sensors and (single) nanoparticles. For that purpose we continuously develop and evolve our own methodologies for state-of-the-art nanofabrication, and build our own research instrumentation.
Focus of future research:
  • Role of nanoparticle microstructure in nanoplasmonic hydrogen sensors
  • Graphene-metal nanoparticle heterostructrures for gas sensing
  • Heterogeneous (photo)catalysis on individual nanostructures to unravel structure-function correlations
  • Plasmon-mediated heterogeneous catalysis
  • Combining nanofluidics with single nanoparticle plasmonics

Highlights of previous research:
Unravelling the role of single nanoparticle microstructure on hydrogen soprtion:

Alekseeva, S., et al. ”Grain boundary mediated hydriding phase transformations in individual polycrystalline metal nanoparticles”
Nature Commun. 8, 1084 (2017)

Combining nanoplasmonics with nanofluidics: 

Fritzsche, J., Albinsson, D., Fritzsche, M., Antosiewicz T. J., Westerlund F. & Langhammer C.
”Single Particle Nanoplasmonic Sensing in Individual Nanofluidic Channels.”
Nano Lett. 16, 7857–7864  (2016)

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