Brina Blinzler

Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial and Materials Science
Division of Material and Computational Mechanics
Office: Masken building, 3193

Research focus:
Graphene enhanced multifunctional composites materials are relatively new and the outcomes of using graphene as an additive can yield unique structural, thermal, and electrical properties. Therefore, I plan to create a systematic approach for creating design tools in order to approximate composite material properties with nano additives.  These properties will include mechanical (static and dynamic), thermal, and electrical. 

Theoretical methods:
The finite element method. Nanomechanics and Micromechanics of composite materials. Adaptation of the structural tensor method for image interpretation. 

Focus of future research:
  • Material mechanics of 2D graphene flake embedded in neat polymer matrices.
  • Mechanical and electrical impact of graphene flake enhanced polymer matrix composites.
  • Impact resistance of graphene flakes near exterior surface in polymer matrix composites.

Highlights of previous research:
Homogenization method for graphene reinforced epoxy composites 

Blinzler, B.J.; Larsson, R.; Gaska, K.; and Kádár, R., 
" Homogenization Method for 2-D Nano-Structure Reinforced Polymer Matrix ", 
 International Conference on Flow Processing in Composite Materials, (2018)

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