Anders Palmqvist


Co-director of the AoA Materials Science
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Head of Division of Applied Chemistry
Phone: +46 31 772 2961
Office: Chemistry building, room 3076
Research focus:
Materials chemistry of nano- and mesostructured materials with an interest in materials for energy and environmental applications. Main application areas studied are carbon-basedelectrodes for fuel cells, Li-S batteries and supercapacitors.

Experimental methods:
Develop new wet-chemical methods for nano- and mesostructured materials synthesis and processing. Structural characterization and imaging on all length scales from atomic local structure to macroscopic structure. Electrochemical performance evaluation.

Focus of future research:
  • Understand correlations between synthesis conditions and materials structure on relevant length scales and correlate these with materials properties.
  • Scale up of porous carbon synthesis
  • Evaluate effect of graphene as additive in our electrodes 
  • Continue work on graphene aerogels

Highlights of previous research:
Developed a new concept of a noble metal free fuel cell catalyst based on functionalized ordered mesoporous carbon Dombrovskis, J.K., Jeong, H.Y., Fossum, K., Terasaki, O., Palmqvist, A.E.C.,
"Transition Metal Ion-Chelating Ordered Mesoporous Carbons as Noble Metal-Free Fuel Cell Catalysts",
Chem. Mater., 25, 856-861 (2013).

Developed a method for formation of a graphene aerogel with high performance in Li-S batteries
Nitze, F., Agostini, M., Lundin, F., Palmqvist, A.E.C., Matic, A.
"A binder-free sulfur/reduced graphene oxide aerogel as highperformance electrode materials for lithium sulfur batteries"
Sci. Rep. 6, 39615 (2016).

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