Aleksandar Matic

Department of Physics
Division of Condensed Matter Physics
Phone: +46 31 772 5176
Office Soliden building, room 2046
Research focus:
Graphene based materials for self-supporting electrodes in next generation batteries. Development of new nano-structures and implementation in working devices.
Focus of future research:
  • Improving the mechanical properties of self-supporting graphene-based electrodes
  • Functionalization in order to improve electrochemical performance
  • Routes to scale up synthesis
Highlights of previous research:
A binder-free sulfur/reduced graphene-oxide aerogel: paving the way to high capacity lithium-sulfur batteries
F. Nitze, M. Agostini, F. Lundin, A. Palmqvist, and A. Matic
Scientific Reports 6, 39615 (2016)

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