Research projects

At Chalmers, the Graphene Centre currently has over ten research groups that are concentrated on graphene and related two-dimensional materials. A large amount is basic research, both theoretical and experimental. The research concerns, for example, modelling and optimisation of graphene-based nanoelectromechanical sensors and graphene-based spintronics.​

Grapene Flagship projects

Core 2 projects:
2D material-based sensors, work package sensors
Ermin Malic

2D material-based spintronics, work package spintronics
Saroj Dash

Graphene-based THz devices, work package high-frequency electronics
Jan Stake

Graphene based integrated circuits, work package high-frequency electronics
Herbert Zirath

2D-material-based multi-functional composites​, Work package composites​
Vincenzo Palermo

Graphene-based batteries​, 
Work package energy storage
Aleksandar Matic



Sergey Kubatkin, Samuel Lara Avila, Magnus Skoglundh
Johan Liu, Per Hyldgaard, Jan Stake, Andrei Vorobiev

Tomas Löfwander, Mikael Fogelström, Sergey Kubatkin, Samuel Lara Avila


Sergery Kubatkin

Andrei Vorobiev

Nyckelkomponenter för trådlös kommunikation av grafen (2018-2021)
Herbert Zirath

Vincenzo Palermo

Hybridmetamaterial som innehåller metaller, dielektrika och grafen: Vetenskap och applikationer (2017-2020)
Philippe Tassin

Sergey Kubatkin

Andreas Isacsson, Paul Erhart

Microscopic modeling of exciton dynamics in atomically thin 2D materials (2019-2025) 
Ermin Malic


High thermally conductive graphene film as thermal strap and heat spreader for radar and laser applications (SIO Grafen)
Johan Liu, Torbjörn Nilsson

Graphene enhanced concrete fence (SIO Grafen) (2018-2019)
Johan Liu

Johan Liu

Johan Liu

Roland Kádár

Ivan Mijakovic, Roland Kádár​


Luping Tang


Luping Tang, Johan Liu (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

Vincenzo Palermo (Stiftelsen Chalmers tekniska högskola)

Vincenzo Palermo (Stiftelsen Chalmers tekniska högskola)​  

2D materials meet quantum optics (2019-2021)
Witlef Wiezorek, Saroj Dash, Ermin Malic (Excellence Initiative Nano)

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