Atomically thin 2D Materials: Advances and challenges

Atomically thin 2D Materials: Advances and challenges


Lectures will take place Wednesdays and Fridays 10.00 to 12.00. The first lecture will be 25 January. ​This will be an onsite course and the room for each lecture will be announced to registered students. ​​​

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Seminal paper

Every student is supposed to pick one seminal paper (beyond the one PhD work) that he/she will present at the end of the course. A list of possible papers is listed below. You can also suggest other papers that need to be approved by the examiner of the course. More information about the presentation will be provided in the first lecture.

Doped Graphene Sheets As Anode Materials with Superhigh Rate and Large Capacity for Lithium Ion Batteries
A graphene-based electrochemical device with thermoresponsive microneedles for diabetes monitoring and therapy 
Unconventional superconductivity in magic-angle graphene superlattices
Strong Light-Matter Interactions in Heterostructures of Atomically Thin Films
Single-layer MoS2 transistors​
Fermi polaron-polaritons in charge-tunable atomically thin semiconductors
Atomically Thin MoS2: A New Direct-Gap Semiconductor
Flexible Graphene Films via the Filtration of Water-Soluble Noncovalent Functionalized Graphene Sheets​
Moiré excitons: From programmable quantum emitter arrays to spin-orbit–coupled artificial lattices
Optimizing the Reinforcement of Polymer-Based Nanocomposites by Graphene
Functionalization mediates heat transport in graphene nanoflakes
Ultrafast epitaxial growth of metre-sized single-crystal graphene on industrial Cu foil
Observation of the quantum spin Hall effect up to 100 kelvin in a monolayer crystal
Gate-tuning of graphene plasmons revealed by infrared nano-imaging​
Graphene related materials for thermal management​

REGISTRATION (before 15 January)

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