Smart Receivers for Future Linear RF Systems (SURF)

Future many-antenna mm-wave RF systems will require receiver line-ups that are linear, power efficient, compact and flexible. Especially reduced filtering possibilities at the front-end will allow interfering signals to impinge directly on the non-linear components in these line-ups, and the dynamic range of the ADCs will suffer in such scenarios. To cope with this situation, ultra-linear performance and high dynamic range will be required. As a consequence designing for worst-case performance will result in too power hungry solutions. Therefore new, flexible, adaptive, smart receiver line-ups need to be invented that can cope with all circumstances in such aggressive wireless environments, while simultaneously meeting all performance requirements of future RF systems.

This project will investigate future receiver solutions for many antenna mm-wave arrays for RF communications, sensor and measurement systems. This has been broken down in the following objectives:
  • Investigate and improve flexibility and linearity bottlenecks in current typical receiver line-ups, without compromising power consumption constraints.
  • Study trade-offs between analog/digital compensation methods or combinations thereof. Resulting in co-design between analog hardware and digital processing for the hardware demonstrators.
  • Built integrated receiver demonstrators using the obtained knowledge:
  • Highly linear, flexible receivers
  • Wideband MIMO radar system (with ELEMENT project)
Project outcome
  • 10 articles in high impact journals, half of which co-authored with industry.
  • 15 conference papers at high-impact conferences, half of which co-authored with industry.
  • 2 invited or tutorial presentations at good conferences.
  • 2 co-organized workshops on distortion mitigation and linearity improvement.
  • 2 PhDs
  • State-of-the art mm-wave integrated SiGe/CMOS receiver hardware demonstrators showing improved dynamic range performance under power consumption constraints.
  • Methods for over-the-air characterization and calibration of receivers.
  • Understanding of trade-offs in co-design of analog hardware with digital signal processing.

Research Partners
Chalmers, Ericsson, Ruag, Saab

Project Leaders
Thomas Eriksson, Chalmers

Page manager Published: Fri 06 Jul 2018.