Integrated Terahertz systems (ITHZS)

For microwave as well as for THz systems, operating close to the fundamental noise limits, the lack of commercially available components that meet such stringent system requirements is evident. Chalmers has together with industry developed unique cryo LNA and Schottky diode device process lines able to meet such requirements.  Ultra-low noise amplifiers are needed for read out of qubits in quantum computers, as well as in radio astronomy and remote sensing. THz sensors can be used for molecular spectroscopy in atmospheric sensing, radio astronomy as well as in industrial applications and radar.  The challenge is to make these systems more compact and cost effective – through higher integration level, we expect the new industrial applications of this technology.

  • Device and circuit development
  • HEMT device scaling at 70 nm and below. Integration in MMIC process.
  • Ultra-low power HEMTs for cryo LNAs
  • A +2 THz monolithic Schottky membrane MMIC process.
  • Efficient Schottky membrane multiplier MMIC’s up to +1 THz
  • Integration
  • Ultra low-noise LNAs at 118 and 183 GHz
  • Super integrated multi MMIC radiometer/radar frontends in a single housing
  • Explore new packaging technology (e.g. laser cut stencils, 3D printing)
  • Demonstrators:
  • 183 GHz LNA, 1.2 THz multiplier, 1 THz radar transceiver, 2 THz receiver, cryogenic C-band LNAs for qubit readout circuits in quantum computers
  • Measurement techniques
  • Develop measurement techniques with VNAs up to 1.5 THz
  • Radiometer characterization in quasi-optical systems
  • Develop test/calibration methods for active systems including RADAR and spectroscopy
Project outcome
  • Hardware outcome; 183 GHz LNA module, 2 THz Receiver, 1 THz Source/Tranceiver Module
  • Publications; 5 journal, 10 peer reviewed conferences; 20 workshops. Tentative titels “Cryo LNAs above 100 GHz”, “Waveguide embedded TRL calibration of Schottky diode membrane MMIC above 1 THz”
  • SME Growth
  • 2 PhDs
Research partners
Chalmers, Low Noise Factory, Omnisys Instruments, RISE, Wasa Millimeter Wave, Virginia Diodes, Inc​

Project Leaders
Peter Sobis, Low Noise Factory
Tomas Bryllert, Chalmers (deputy)

Page manager Published: Thu 07 Apr 2022.