Efficient and Linear Millimeter Wave Transmitters (ELEMENT)

Transmitters for future multi-antenna millimetre wave systems need to be highly integrated and energy efficient to meet performance, cost, and reliability requirements. Exploration of downscaled silicon technologies, which combine high speed digital processing and millimetre wave RF performance, will be a key to address these needs. However, to fully utilize the potential of these technologies, new transmitter architectures need to be considered. Digitally intense transmitters are therefore envisioned where traditional building blocks that today are implemented in separate analog building blocks will be designed as part of a highly integrated solution. To maximize the performance and energy efficiency of multi-antenna millimetre wave transmitters in this paradigm will require a deep understanding of analog and digital design, measurement, and building techniques, both at circuit and system level.

This project will investigate innovative multi-antenna transmitter solutions that address the need for high efficiency and flexibility in future millimetre wave communication and sensor systems. This is broken down into the following specific project objectives.
  • Investigate digitally intense transmitter solutions for maximum system performance
  • Co-design of array signal processing with (Bi)CMOS transmitter circuits
  • Mixed digital and analog circuit design techniques for improved efficiency and reconfigurability
  • Adaptive on-chip self-linearization and self-optimization techniques
  • Package-level integration and co-design between CMOS and GaN/GaAs circuits
  • Develop methodologies for over-the-air characterization of transmitter circuits
  • Build transmitter system demonstrators
  • Energy efficient linearized MIMO communication transmitter
  • Wideband mm-wave MIMO radar (with SURF project)
Project outcome
  • State-of-the art in energy-efficiency for linear millimetre wave MIMO transmitter systems
  • Understanding optimum analog and digital processing co-design in linear CMOS transmitter circuits
  • High performance packaged transmitters using co-design of silicon- and III/V and III-N circuits
  • Methods for over-the-air characterization of multi-antenna transmitter circuits
  • Updated industrial roadmaps for integrated transmitter development
Research Partners
Chalmers, EricssonInfineon, Qamcom, RISE, Saab

Project Leaders

Christian Fager, Chalmers
Lars Svensson, Chalmers (deputy)

Page manager Published: Thu 08 Jul 2021.