News & Events

​GigaHertz Centre proposes ideas of new and current GHz activities by regularly arranging workshops and annual meetings. Viewgraph presentations can be downloaded from several of the events.

Note: Viewgraphs from internal GHz Centre meetings are only available for GHz Centre partners (request password from

2020-05-01Virginia Diodes, Inc. joins GHz Centre​
2020-01-01 National Instruments leaves GHz Centre after six years​
2019-11-19 130 participants on the fourth centre day
2018-12-21 Keysight Technologies joins GHz Centre from 2019​
2018-11-14 Large interest for solid centre day​
2017-12-01 120 participants at intense centre day
2017-11-23 New report highlights the first decade of GigaHertz Centre

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Published: Mon 29 Jun 2020.