Past news & events

Packed Centre Day for ChaseOn and GigaHertz Centre​ October, 2017

Sweden's largest research effort in microwave and antenna technology February 2017

New GHz Centre formed together with Antenna Systems Centre ChaseOn February 2017

Report from Centre Day Chase/GHz Centre 2016

ChaseOn and GHz Centrum går vidare​ 2016

Centre Day 2016

Swedish-Korean Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices, April 2016

Mikael Damberg visited MC2, May 2015

Final report GHz Centre Stage 3, April 2015

Taking industy collaboration to a global level, interview with Jan Grahn, Director of GigaHertz Centre. March 2015

GHz Centre Stage 4 formed at the General Assembly, February 2015

Frukostmöte om nationella agendan Wireless Society, December2014

Third International Evoluation of GHz Centre, September 2014

Workshop, Phase noise in oscillator hard-ware and its impact on communication systems, April 2014

GHz Centre Day 2013

Workshop: Signal Processing and Amplifiers 2012

GHz Centre Day 2012
Watch the video of one former PhD student, Dr. Paul Saad, 2012

Microwave Road seminar by Christian Fager Fager_MicrowaveRoad_20120323_Final.pdf, 2012

GHz PhD students awarded, 2012 Press Release: Dissertation of Peter - , 2011

International Evaluation GHz Centre 2011

GHz Centre Day 2011

Press Release: Dissertation of Peter Sobis -Elektronik klar för vass klimatsatellit, 2011

Mustafa Özen wins best paper award in 2011 IEEE Wamicon, 2011

Compound Semiconductor workshop for Swedish growth 2010

GHz Centre Day 2009

RF/microwave GaN workshop 2009

International Evaluation GHz Centre 2008

GHz Centre Day 2008

General Assembly Stage 2

GHz Centre proposal Workshop Stage 2

GigaHertz Symposium 2008

Future wireless workshop 2007 


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