GigaHertz Symposium 2008

The GigaHertz Symposium is the Nordic meeting place for presenting new findings in Gigahertz technologies: Components, circuits and sub-systems for wireless / wireline communication, and sensing.  The GigaHertz Symposium was arranged at Chalmers University of Technology  in Göteborg, Sweden, on March 5-6, 2008.  This was the 9th GigaHertz Symposium after its start in Linköping 1992.

The idea behind the GigaHertz Symposium is to mix academia, research institutes, and companies to present and discuss recent progress at sessions and informal workshops.

The response was overwhelming and it was the largest GHz Symposium so far:
 - Approaching 290 attendees
 - Almost 20% foreign visitors
 - Around 50% industrial attendance representing over 50 companies
 - 13 companies at the exhibition

Download the Abstract book (6 MB)
Pictures from the GHz Symposium 2008

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