GHz Centre Day 2008

This meeting is ONLY for Centre Partners Stage 1 (2007-2008) including the project Microwave Widebandgap Technology (2007-2011).

Involved companies: Ericsson, Saab, NXP, Infineon, Sivers IMA, Comheat Microwave, Omnisys Instruments, Furuno Electric, Norse Semiconductor, Norstel


NOTE: Register at latest on 20 February 2008!

Staff from Chalmers and companies active in projects, managers and Steering Board will be there.
Our International Advisory Board will participate.

GHz Centre and its activities including Microwave WBG Technology will be presented (Director Jan Grahn, Chalmers and Chairman Peter Olanders, Ericsson, Chairman Johan Ståhl, Saab)

Status for the five technical projects will be presented by Chalmers and participating industries:

1. Switched-Mode Power Amplifiers (Christian Fager)
2. Wideband WBG transceivers (Kristoffer Andersson)
3. THz Sensors (Sten Gunnarsson)
4. Frequency Generation (Dan Kuylenstierna)
5. Microwave Wide Bandgap Technology (Niklas Rorsman)

Short presentations from the International Advisory Board will be given.

Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems will be present and comment the VINN Excellence program

Lunch and coffee will be served in Kollektorn, MC2.

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