Measurement uncertainty in microwave measurements

During the fall of 2020, RISE organized a PhD course in measurement uncertainty for the students affiliated with the GHz center at Chalmers. The curriculum focused on general applied measurement uncertainty, with an extension in microwave measurements in general and the student PhD projects in particular. The aim of the course has been to introduce the concepts of uncertainty in measurement and give the student tools for analyzing and handling the unavoidable uncertainties in experimental physics, whether it is in research or industry.  In addition, it has been a fruitful way to share the expertise of RISE and the National Metrology Institute of Sweden with the GHz center of excellence. The teachers of the course were Dr. Karin Cedergren and Assoc. Prof. Per Olof Hedekvist, and the course was valued 3 points in the Chalmers educational system.

Seven graduate students participated in the course, including the final examination which consisted of a presentation of how they applied the uncertainty knowledge in their own research project. In addition, two post-docs participated in the seminars, contributing with fruitful discussions. The course was organized free of charge for GHz center affiliates. Due to the pandemic, all seminars was presented online, but the course also included one lab tour at RISE in Borås, and presentations was held at MC2 / Chalmers.​

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Dec 2020.