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​Competence hub antenna-, microwave-, and terahertz systems

Antenna-, microwave-, and terahertz systems (AMT) is an important electronics area for several Swedish industry sectors such as telecom, defence, space, transport and medtech.  Swedish universities and research institutes carry out international leading research and education in AMT. 
The competence hub AMT gathers Swedish stakeholders from components to systems in the interval 0.3 GHz to 300 GHz and beyond. The competence hub will contribute to increased knowledge about Swedish AMT actors, make the top notch area AMT more visible, act as a national contact point, and constitute a strategic resource in Swedish AMT. The competence hub AMT is maintained by the competence centres GHz Centre and ChaseOn​ and hosted by Chalmers.  
The competence hub AMT is part of the Swedish Strategic Initiative Programme Electronic Components & Systems (Sw: Smartare Elektroniksystem, SES) hosted by TEBAB​.
A competence hub coordinates and enables contacts between various actors in the innovation and supply chain. 
Microwave Road - a Swedish microwave cluster
The competence hub AMT connects SES with the cluster Microwave Road. Microwave Road gathers Swedish actors by membership, interested in radio, microwave and and/or antennas for communication and sensing. Microwave Road arranges meetings, seminars and decides on scholarships for M.Sc students each year. Currently around 30 actors from industry, research institutes and universities are members. The MWR network gathers more than 500 people. See www.microwaveroad.se​ for membership and more info.

Page manager Published: Thu 07 Apr 2022.