We are currently working on research projects with a focus on risk assessment and identification of sustainable remediation measures in the built environment, as well as a sustainable  treatment techniques and  methodology for selecting optimal treatment technology

Ongoing projects within FRIST: 

Balance 4P - Balancing decisions for urban brownfield regeneration - people, planet, profit and processes.
Land take as a result of urbanization is one of the major soil threats in Europe. One of the key measures to prevent further urban sprawl and additional land take, is redevelopment ...

Decision support for sustainable remediation in urban areas 
In historical cities, old industrial sites and waste deposits are more or less integrated in the expanding city. In order to remediate those sites, environmental and human health.

Multi-Criteria Analysis for Identifying Sustainable Remediation Alternatives 
Management of contaminated sites is associated with high costs to problem owners and society. For sound use of society´s limited resources, priority should be given to alternatives ...

Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) of Remediation Alternatives to Access their Overall Impact and Cost/Benefit, with Focus On Soil Function (Ecosystem Services And Goods) and Sustainability 
The aim of the project is to demonstrate the use of multi-criteria analysis (MCA) in evaluating management and remediation alternatives to access their overall impact, with focus on ... 

Removal of Organic Contaminants in Stormwater using Adsorption Filters 
Stormwater from urban areas is often contaminated with metals, organic pollutants and nutrients. Filtration of stormwater is one of the most promising techniques for removal of ... 

SAFIRE - Sustainability Assessment For Improved Remediation Efficiency
The main objective of this project is to evaluate how sustainability assessments can improve the efficiency of site remediation in Sweden.

Soil Wasing and Recovery of Copper and Chromium from Highly Contaminated Soils 
The aim of this project is to develop a sustainable methodology for remediation and recovery of valuable metals from highly contaminated sites. These soils are to a large extent and ... 

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Remediation of Contaminated Land in the Built Environment 
Remediation of contaminated land is associated with high costs. The by far most common remediation practice is removal of contaminants by excavation and disposal. In larger Swedish ...

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