​June 2017
The 2017 FORCE-SPOC workshop on Advanced Optical Communication was held on May 30-31 at Comwell Borupgaard. The workshop, with 18 presentations followed by discussions, was organized by Professor Magnus Karlsson (FORCE) and Professor Karsten Rottwitt (SPOC).
October 2017
FORCE recruits Dr. Xiaonan Hu for research on silicon photonics integration for CWDM transmitters. Dr. Hu has a PhD from Nanyang Technical University in Singapore.
March 2018
The 2018 FORCE-SPOC workshop will be held at Varbergs Kusthotell on June 20-21. The first day will be devoted to invited talks on silicon photonics by Dr. Corrado Sciancalepore (Leti), Professor Gunther Roelkens (Ghent University), and Dr. Pascual Nunoz (University of Valencia), and to overviews of silicon photonics research at SPOC and FORCE. The second day will be devoted to presentations and discussions on optical communication by researchers at FORCE and SPOC. The workshop is organized by Associate Professor Victor Torres-Company (FORCE), Associate Professor Michael Galini (SPOC), and Senior Researcher Jochen Schröder (FORCE).

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