Below you find the ongoing research projects at FORCE, divided into categories. 

FORCE-SPOC collaboration

Integrated WDM Transmitters for Ultra-High Capacity Datacenter Connectivity (iTRAN)

Short-haul optical links

Multi-Gbps scalable and energy efficient on-board digital processors employing multicore vertical embedded optoelectronic engines (MERLIN)

Multi-Tbps optical interconnects (MuTOI)

Transversely distorted high contrast gratings for tailoring the optical field in vertical cavity microlasers

High speed and High Temperature 1 µm VCSELs 

All-Digital Radio-over-Fiber: A New Radio Transmitter Architecture for Future Wireless Applications

Long-haul optical links

MIMOptics: Multi-mode coherent fiber-optical communications

Advanced modulation and coding

Coding for optical communications in the nonlinear regime (COIN)

Polarization aware fiber optic transmission

Nonlinear siliconphotonics for optical communications

Phase-sensitive amplifiers

Noiseless Phase-Sensitive Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications


Towards flexible and energy efficient datacentre networks

Closed Projects

High contrast grating VCSELs for WDM computer interconnects

Super-high efficiency VCSELs

Optical channel estimation and performance monitoring

Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

Power-Efficient Tbps Transmission

Adaptive optical networks

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