Power-Efficient Tbps Transmission

Contact: Peter Andrekson

Time period: 2011-2014

Grant: VR no. 2010-4236

Fiber optic communications has, and will play, a pivotal role in our future, being a major enabling technology in our increasingly Internet-centric society. The aggregated data rates in e.g. Internet cross-connects are now so high that terabit/s transmission systems and line cards are being required, and solutions for e.g. terabit Ethernet are being discussed.

However, the fiber optical channels are for the first time beginning to approach fundamental bandwidth-limits, and terabit/s links will require new cross-disciplinary efforts joining the fields of photonics and communication theory. The suggested system solutions will be based on state-of-the-art coherent optical transmission technologies, but also require significant new thinking with respect to four main topics: (i) fundamental capacity and power consumption estimates, (i) synchronization for coherent links, (iii) coding and modulation, and (iv) system experiments.

Particular emphasis will be put on energy efficient solutions, given that today ́s line cards consume around 10 Watts per Gb/s. This value must be reduced significantly (an order of magnitude) if terabit/s links should ever be realized.

At Chalmers we have a unique competence for such a multidisciplinary effort, thanks to a (since 2003) ongoing research effort between the photonics laboratory and the communication systems group. The final goal of the project will be a lab realization of cost- and power-efficient terabit/s transmission.

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