Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

Contact: Peter Andrekson

Time period: 2013-2015


High quality satellite, fibre and mobile communications are an essential part of modern life and vital to European Industry, with increasing demand for telecommunications growing at 40 % p.a. The EU “2020 Digital Agenda for Europe” acknowledges this and sets ambitious targets that will have an impact on all areas of the communication network. Industries are addressing this challenge through unlocking the latent capacity of ground-based and satellite-based systems. However, the potential technologies are complex and reliable measurement is required to develop and test innovative solutions in appropriate timescales and costs.

This JRP aims to support the R&D activities of industry by providing the underpinning metrology required by the wireless, optical and satellite communication parts of the network, covering all aspects from the network-edge to the network-core. This will enable instrument, component and satellite manufacturers to develop and implement new systems, minimising test and measurement costs and reducing the time to market for new products and services.


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