High contrast grating VCSELs for WDM computer interconnects

Contact: Anders Larsson

Time period: 2013-2014

Grant: HP Labs Innovation Research Program no. CW313100

We propose to develop a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) technology whereby the wavelength of individual VCSELs can be set in a post-growth fabrication process, thereby enabling the realization of low power consumption, high speed, multi-wavelength VCSEL arrays for future wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) optical interconnects in computing systems. This will be accomplished by replacing the top distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) by a high contrast grating (HCG) and we seek to demonstrate wavelength, transverse mode, and polarization mode control by the grating parameters. We ultimately aim at demonstrating monolithic multi-wavelength arrays of single-mode VCSELs with at least 4 channels and with each VCSEL operating at ≥ 25 Gbps. The VCSELs will be GaAs-based and will employ a strained InGaAs/GaAs quantum well active region, a bottom Al(Ga)As/GaAs DBR and a GaAs HCG as the top mirror. An oxide aperture will be used for current confinement and techniques such as multiple oxide layers will be implemented to reduce capacitance for high speed operation. The GaAs HCG will be fabricated using electron beam lithography (EBL), selective under-cut etching, and critical point drying.

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Aug 2014.